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6 essential features for renting your flat at a good price

Introduction: The importance of keeping up with trends Staying informed about current trends in design and architecture is not only vital for those who enjoy the world of art and construction. For property investors, it can mean the difference between a property that appreciates in value over time and one that depreciates in value.

Current trends in interior design: Interior design has evolved rapidly in recent years. Some notable trends include:

  • Open, multi-functional spaces: They encourage interaction and offer versatility. These spaces allow for multiple uses, from living rooms to home offices, adapting to the changing needs of tenants.

  • Minimalist styles: Less is more. Clean, clutter-free design highlights the quality of materials and offers a sense of spaciousness.

  • Inclusion of natural elements: Wood, stone and plants. These elements connect tenants to nature, creating a calmer and healthier environment.

Architecture: What tenants are looking for in flats Modern tenants are looking for flats that are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. Current trends in flat architecture focus on:

  • Open layouts: Maximise space and promote versatility. An open layout can make a flat feel more spacious and bright, which is especially valuable in urban areas.

  • Balconies and terraces: Outdoor spaces are highly valued. These spaces provide respite and a private outdoor area, something many tenants seek in urban flats.

  • Optimisation of natural light: Large windows and strategic placement of rooms. Natural light not only saves on energy costs, but also improves the mood and well-being of tenants.

How these trends can add value to your investment

Incorporating these trends not only makes a property more attractive to tenants but can also increase its market value. A modern, up-to-date property can:

  • Attract tenants willing to pay more.

  • Reduce the time a property spends vacant.

  • Increase resale value in the future.

Conclusion: An informed investment is a successful investment Keeping up with the latest trends in design and architecture is essential for any property investor. With Equito, you can invest in properties that are not only modern and attractive. Research, learn and secure your financial future.


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