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Valencia growing property market

Did you know that Valencia is the second most profitable city in Europe to invest in?

The capital of Valencia has an average profitability of 5.9%, surpassed only by Warsaw with 6%. And almost doubling the profitability of cities such as Paris 3.4% and Lisbon 3.2%.

Valencia has become one of the leading real estate markets in Spain. The growth of the real estate market in this city has generated a great deal of investment in recent years, which has made Valencia a more than interesting option for investment.


In recent years, the price of real estate has increased due to several factors:

  • Valencia has been chosen as the best city in the world to live in according to prestigious magazines such as Forbes. In addition, it is also ranked number one in quality of life.

  • Tourism has been one of the main reasons for the increase. The increase in the number of tourists has led to a rise in accommodation prices, which in turn has been passed on to the real estate sector. The demand for accommodation has led to an increase in flat prices.

  • Technology development. Improved connectivity has influenced productivity growth in the region. This, coupled with the rise of the digital economy, has contributed to the creation of more businesses and professionals looking for a place to set up shop.

  • The local government has been focusing efforts to improve infrastructure and attract businesses and employment opportunities, which is generating even more demand for housing in Valencia.

All of this adds up to Valencia having a wealth of attractions that make it an excellent choice for investors. Real estate investment in Valencia is increasing considerably and this explains how investors are earning interesting returns.


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