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About us

Equito’s mission is to create a more inclusive financial ecosystem. We believe that financial freedom plays an important role in prosperity. Our generation needs better tools to build their wealth. That is why we created Equito, the easiest and fastest way to invest in real-estate.


Our team

They are the ones developing and securing the app. They are the ones finding the best properties and collecting the rents. They are the ones ensuring the compliance of all our actions. We are proud of our team, they are our most valuable asset.

Imagen del Ceo Equito

Robin Decaux

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Co-founder / CEO

Imagen del COO de Equito

Naji Bizri 

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Co-founder / COO


Cristian Roa

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Chief Technical Officer / CTO


Javier Pascual Maldonado

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Legal Partner - Fintech expert

Ángel Rodríguez Miranda.jpg

Ángel Rodríguez Miranda

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Legal Partner - Corporate expert


Pablo Martínez Campos

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Legal Partner - Corporate expert


Iñaki Argudo Diaz

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Real estate acquisition and development


Anastasija Korecka

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Operations and rental management


Antoine Decaux

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Strategic Advisor

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