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Top 3 of the best passive incomes

You want to be more comfortable financially, anticipate your retirement or earn more money to realize your projects. Many people are looking to generate passive income.

If you type in "best passive income" on Google, you will come across results like "write an ebook" or "do affiliate marketing". Unfortunately, there are no miracle recipes and no one has ever really made money writing an ebook without being a writer or specialist of a subject. Similarly for affiliate marketing, unless you have experience in digital marketing, it will be complex and very time consuming to start generating money.

In this article, we give you 3 actionable ways to start generating passive income, gradually.


The concept of crowdlending is simple, you become the bank. The idea is to finance projects by individuals who wish to invest small amounts. There are three entities involved in crowdlending:

  • The lenders: You and all other individuals that will invest. There are usually several hundreds or even thousands of individuals investing in each project, hence the name "crowdlending".

  • The borrower: This is usually a business that needs to finance a project. Instead of turning to the bank, some companies prefer to borrow from the public.

  • The platform: The platform positions itself as a trusted intermediary. Its objective is to select projects in need of financing to propose them to lenders. It is through the platform that the projects will be able to list a demand for financing and that the lenders will be able to invest.

Two of the most popular crowdlending platforms are Mintos and October.

Be careful, some projects have payment defaults. You should check the projects you are lending to and the risk index communicated by the platform.

Tokenized real estate:

Tokenizing is the process of dividing a real life asset into tokens. It is a practice that is still not well known, but is gaining popularity due to its benefits. Investing in real estate requires a lot of capital to start with.

The day you need to sell your property, it can take several months. Tokenized real estate allows you to invest in fractions of a property and receive rent every month. The minimum investment amount depends on the platform. With Equito App, it is possible to invest as little as 100€, from your phone and in 2 minutes.


The idea of staking is simple. On some blockchains, it is possible to be rewarded for " locking " your cryptocurrencies.

The mechanism behind it is a bit more complex. The blockchain uses validators that (automatically) verify transactions in exchange for a reward. In order to validate transactions, you have to deposit your crypto-currencies. If a validated transaction is found to be fake, the network can burn the validator's crypto deposit.

In summary, the network asks users to verify transactions in exchange for a fee. To ensure that there are no bad transactions validated, the network asks users for a deposit, it is the cryptocurrency being staked.

Some platforms take care of staking your cryptos for you, this is the case of Nexo or Binance for example.

You now have different possibilities to generate your first passive income. All you have to do is start!


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