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The Equito property selection process: How the best opportunities are chosen

Welcome to this week's new blog! This time, we'll be talking about the fascinating process of selecting properties on our platform. You will discover how we choose the best real estate investment opportunities so that investors like you can invest from as little as €100.

At Equito, we understand the importance of offering our users solid and profitable investment opportunities. That's why we take the property selection process very seriously. Through careful analysis and thorough evaluation, we ensure that each opportunity meets high quality standards.

1. Market research:

The first step in our selection process is to conduct in-depth research of the real estate market. We stay abreast of trends, analyse demographics, consider geographic location and assess the growth potential of each area. This information helps us identify areas with high demand and appreciation potential.

2. Physical inspection:

We conduct physical inspections of properties we consider for investment. Our team of experts, with the help of the renovation company, personally visits each property, assesses its state of conservation, analyses the quality of the construction and checks quality standards and problems to be solved. Reducing the risk of possible setbacks.

3. Financial analysis:

Once the areas to be worked on have been identified, we carry out a rigorous financial analysis. We evaluate the acquisition costs of the property, the associated expenses, rental income, the potential for value appreciation and the returns that the property can offer us. In addition, we carry out long-term projections to determine the expected return on investment.

4. Legal certainty:

Transparency and security are fundamental at Equito. Before listing a property on our platform, we go through a thorough legal process. We verify the documentation, investigate the legal situation and ensure that there are no outstanding charges or litigation on the property. This ensures that our users can invest in properties free of legal risks.

In conclusion

Equito's property selection process is a rigorous and detailed set of steps that allows us to offer the best real estate investment opportunities to our users. From market research to financial analysis, legal due diligence, physical inspections and evaluation by the Equito team, each stage is carried out with the objective of ensuring the quality and profitability of the investments.

Our commitment is to provide our users with a reliable, accessible and simple platform for investing in the real estate market. At Equito, we are proud to be your trusted partner on your path to financial growth.

If you want to learn more about our investment opportunities, feel free to explore the Equito app! We are here to help you build your financial future through real estate investing.


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