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Learn how investing in real estate with Equito can help you on your summer holidays

Real Estate Investing: Your Passport to Summer Vacations "

"Learn how investing in real estate with Equito can provide you with a monthly income that allows you to enjoy a holiday every summer."

At Equito, we understand the importance of holidays. It's a time when you can relax, explore new destinations and enjoy life to the fullest. However, we know that it's not the best option to spend all your savings on this holiday. That's why today we present you with an innovative solution to do just that: investing in real estate through our app.

A story can be a good way to understand it, that's why today we bring you a...


Clara and Andrés, a young couple with big dreams and a passion for travelling. They had always dreamed of exploring the world, getting to know new cultures and creating unforgettable memories together. But they had a problem, like most people, saving throughout the year to be able to finance their experiences.

One day, while researching ways to invest their money wisely, they discovered Equito, the real estate investment app that opened up a new option for them. The idea of investing in property and putting their savings to work immediately appealed to them, and they decided to take the plunge together.

They each decided to invest €5,000 in a property through Equito. The property they chose had a net annual return of 8%.

After making their investment, Clara and Andres were in for a pleasant surprise. They discovered that, thanks to their investment, they were generating an annual sum of money of €400 per year each, which was a great help for them to continue to fulfil their dream of travelling. Each year, they were able to enjoy exciting dream adventures, all thanks to depositing their savings in real estate assets.


But that was not all. As the years went by, Clara and Andrés realised that the property they had purchased was also experiencing an appreciation in value, thanks to the growth of the area where they had decided to invest. This meant that, in addition to passive income, they had the potential for a significant capital gain if they decided to sell the property in the future.

Investing in Equito had not only provided them with an annual travel allowance, but also offered them the potential for long-term wealth growth.

We hope that the inspiring story of this young couple has helped you to understand what investing in property can mean, and how you can take advantage of it and apply it to your own life.


We want to remind you that the main part of having money for your summer holiday is financial planning. Define your goals and calculate how much you need for your holiday. Then, if it fits into your planning, you can use property investment as a long-term strategy to achieve your goals. As your investment increases, your passive income will increase.

Don't wait any longer! And buy the passport for your future holidays.


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