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¿What problems can you encounter when investing in the real estate market?

Real estate can be a profitable way to invest, but it also carries certain risks that must be taken into account. Investing in real estate is an interesting way to diversify your portfolio, but it should also be approached with caution. Below, we will review some of the problems you will face when investing in the real estate market and give you solutions to reduce these risks.

1. Incorrect purchase price: A bad purchase can sacrifice a large part of the profitability. We must take into consideration the retail price, the real price of the property, as well as the additional costs; real estate commission, ITP, registration, etc. It is important to research the market to obtain a reasonable purchase price.

2. High fixed costs: One of the biggest drawbacks when investing in the real estate market are the high fixed costs, such as taxes, insurance, maintenance costs, IBI, community fees, etc. These costs can significantly reduce the profit margin of a property. To avoid this, we should compare and examine all contracts, insurances and fees before making an investment, to ensure that we are aware of all costs when committing to a property.

3. Market changes: The property market can change over relatively short periods of time. It is therefore key to keep abreast of the latest developments in the market and assess whether our investment will continue to perform well in the future. It is essential to carry out constant research to be able to predict any changes in the value of the property.

4. Downtime: The process of buying and selling property can take a long time. This means that we must take into account that there may be a long period of downtime where no return on investment is realised. To reduce downtime, it is relevant to assess whether the property requires pre-work, and to have planned who is going to develop it.

5. Lack of knowledge - While many investors strive to acquire knowledge about the market, there is often room for improvement. Lack of knowledge can mean that our decisions are not based on the right knowledge, so the return on investment can be greatly diminished. We must constantly accumulate knowledge and educate ourselves about the real estate market. One of the best ways to gain knowledge about the real estate market is to observe what other successful investors are doing. We can gain information by watching YouTube videos on the subject. These videos are usually made by investors sharing their knowledge and experiences. In addition, you can also find a lot of books and articles about real estate investing, which explain the basics and offer useful tips for investors.

If you want to invest in the real estate market, it is important to be aware of these issues and take the necessary precautions to ensure an acceptable return. In this way, it will be much easier to achieve your financial goals. Using an application such as Equito will help you to invest and manage your profitability in a safe way.


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