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Is it safe to invest in real estate?

In such a volatile economic environment, it is natural that questions arise about the safety of sectors in which to invest. However, real estate remains one of the safest sectors to invest in:

  • They are tangible assets, they can be accurately valued and therefore their resale value is much more predictable than in other sectors.

  • There is greater price stability, which means that real estate investment is less volatile.

  • It is a smart way to hedge against inflation.

  • A wide range of investment and financing tools are emerging that are available to investors that allow them to minimise the risk of their investments. These tools are extremely useful for investors who are new to real estate, as they allow them to diversify their portfolio and ensure a solid foundation for long-term growth.

However, misinformation, or believing in myths that are not real, can lead us to make the decision not to invest. That is why we want to demystify, 2 ideas about the real estate sector:

  • You have to be rich and experienced to invest in real estate:

It's no mystery that housing prices are unaffordable for many people, which can discourage the desire to buy real estate. However, it doesn't mean you have to be a multi-millionaire or an expert in the sector to make a profit from property investment.

All you need is a solid investment plan and knowledge about the market. This can come from researching books, courses and online tutorials, as well as expert advice. In addition, of the many ways there are to invest in real estate without having a large amount of capital

  • Real estate investment is risk-free

Like any other investment, the risks will depend on the type of investment you make, the market in which you make it, and the amount of capital you have available. For example, there are risks associated with buying a property that may be a bad investment, such as market fluctuations, tenant problems, legal problems, insurance problems, financing problems and tax problems. Therefore, real estate investment is not a risk-free investment.

Nevertheless, real estate investment continues to reassert itself, as it offers greater stability to investors in times of financial uncertainty.

In conclusion, real estate investment remains one of the safest ways to invest in a volatile economic environment. Moreover, thanks to new developments, investing in property is now cheaper and easier than ever before. So, if you are interested in starting to invest, real estate can be a great way to get started.

Ready to invest in real estate?



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