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How blockchain technology helps save time and costs in investing

Blockchain technology is ushering in a new era of real estate investment. Thanks to savings in costs and waiting times, more and more people have the opportunity to invest without having to have the necessary capital or the time to buy entire properties.

In recent years, blockchain technology is making its way into the world of real estate investments. This revolutionary technology saves costs and time, which in turn leads to greater efficiency when investing.

But what is blockchain?

It is a distributed recording technology that records all transactions between two parties, immutably and securely. Like a ledger, entries made on a blockchain cannot be changed. This means that all information is managed in an efficient, secure and transparent way.

Real estate investment through blockchain technology offers numerous benefits:

  • It allows the cost of investment to be reduced, as several intermediaries that usually increase costs are eliminated. This will allow investors to significantly reduce the cost of tokenised real estate investment, as blockchain technology is much more efficient and secure than traditional investment methods. It also enables secure peer-to-peer trading, which means that investors do not have to pay fees to intermediaries.

  • Thanks to blockchain technology, buying processes are streamlined, as there are no waiting times and verifications involved in traditional processes. This allows the investor to make the decision more quickly and save time.

  • It is also important to note that this technology offers high security, as there is no central administrator, the risk of data manipulation is minimised and investors feel more secure.

In short, blockchain technology can be a great tool for real estate investment, as it offers cost optimisation, greater agility and transaction security. At Equito we use this technology to facilitate real estate investment, enabling efficient asset management in a secure environment.


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