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5 reasons why you should consider real estate investment

Real estate investment is a solid and profitable way to grow your wealth. However, it has traditionally required large sums of money and has been difficult for many people to access. This is where Equito, a real estate investment app, changes the rules of the game. Thanks to property tokenisation, Equito allows users to invest in real estate from as little as €100. In this blog post, we will explore the 5 reasons why you should consider real estate investing and how Equito can help you take advantage of these opportunities.

Reason 1: Long-term returns

Real estate investment has consistently demonstrated its potential to generate attractive returns over time. Unlike other forms of investment, such as stocks, real estate tends to maintain its value and even increase over time. According to recent data, average house prices have experienced steady growth in recent years. This means that, by investing in property, you have the potential to earn significant returns over the long term.

Reason 2: Portfolio diversification

Diversification is essential to minimise risk and maximise growth opportunities. Property investment gives you the opportunity to diversify your investment portfolio. By including property in your portfolio, you are adding a tangible asset that is not directly correlated to other markets, such as equities. This means that even in times of volatility, real estate can provide stability and protection against potential losses. Thanks to tokenisation, diversifying your real estate investment portfolio is easier than ever.

Reason 3: More accessible than ever

One of the most common barriers to entering the real estate market has been the high cost of entry. However, thanks to property tokenisation, investing in real estate is easier and more accessible than ever. Equito allows you to access real estate investments with as little as €100. This means that, regardless of your level of capital, you have the opportunity to invest in a fraction of a property and share in the profits it generates.

Reason 4: Stability in the face of market volatility

Financial markets can be volatile and experience significant ups and downs. However, real estate tends to be more stable by comparison. While share prices can fluctuate rapidly, property values tend to be more resilient to sudden changes. This gives real estate investors a sense of security and peace of mind, knowing that their assets will maintain their value over time.

Reason 5: Tax Benefits and Inflation Protection

Real estate investment also offers attractive tax benefits. Property owners can deduct property-related expenses such as mortgage interest and maintenance costs. In addition, property values tend to rise with inflation, which means you are protected against loss of purchasing power. This makes property investment an effective strategy for preserving and growing your wealth.


Property investment is an attractive option for those looking to generate passive income, diversify their portfolio and protect their wealth over the long term. With Equito, investing in property has become accessible to everyone, regardless of available capital. Take advantage of the opportunities offered by the real estate market and start investing in real estate today with as little as €100!


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