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5 Factors to take into account when viewing a property

Are you thinking of investing in real estate? If so, you should know that before you make a decision, you need to understand what factors are important to consider when viewing a property. This way, you can ensure that your decision is informed and well thought out. Therefore, in this blog we will detail 5 factors that you need to consider when viewing a property:

1. Information about the property from different sources

You should obtain as much information as possible about the property before you visit it. This means finding out as many details as we can, from postcodes to amenities available in the surrounding area. This prior research will allow us to better understand if this property is the right one for us, or if there are other better options. We must understand that the real estate agent is looking to sell, but having him or her on our side will be a great help.

2. Location

Location is one of the main factors that determine the value of a property:

  • Check how easy it is to get to the property, is there good public transport, is there easy parking?

  • Identify the safety of the area, is it a safe area, are there any dangerous neighbourhoods or areas in the vicinity?

  • It is also essential to consider the status factor to ensure the property is close to the best town halls, schools, shops, etc.

3. Condition of the property

When visiting the property, it is important to take into account the general condition of the property. You should pay close attention to details, from whether there is damage to the structure of the property itself, to whether all the installations are in good condition. This will help us determine whether the property needs work, and whether the cost of this particular repair is within our financial reach.

4. Facilities

Facilities are one of the crucial factors to consider when visiting a property. These may include the quality of electrical equipment, the quality of water systems and heating installations. The condition of roofs, chimneys, artificial lighting, insulation and any other installation-related items should also be considered. If a house is in good condition, then it will usually fetch better prices and be easier to sell as well.

5. Layout

We must take into account the number of rooms, the layout of the house and any visual aspects that may have an impact on the value of the property. We know that size is not always a measure of quality, but a house with more rooms and spaces may have a better layout than a smaller house. Identifying a new design can significantly increase profitability.


Examining these factors before making a property decision is key to ensuring that the investment is the right choice to generate the best long-term results. Share this information with friends who may find it useful.


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